Best Betting Sites in India



Parimatch Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time Up to 5 days
Payment 98%
Games 2000+
Bonus 150% up to ₹1,05,000

22bet Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time up to 7 days
Payment 96.25%
Games 6000+
Bonus 100% up to €300

20bet Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time up to 7 days
Payment 96.58%
Games 4000+
Bonus 100% UP TO 120€ + 120 FS

Many people in India love online betting offers and websites that provide access to sports betting. The fact is that betting has become a feature of the national character and a way to relax after a hard day. But the problem is that not all people know how to choose suitable sites and what nuances are fundamental. Surely you want to find Indian best betting sites like other beginners. Here's some key information to help you figure out where to start.

What Is Live Betting and How Does It Work?

First, let's take a look at the basic terminology. This approach will certainly allow you to understand the critical principles of betting. For example, imagine that you want to make a certain sports prediction, but you need the ability to bet during the match. As a rule, many online betting sites in India are ready to offer you this option. In other words, you can bet during a sporting event and change your strategy.

How Do We Review Online Betting Platforms?

Each website is unique, and we spend a lot of time analyzing any aspect of betting. At the same time, six key parameters are especially important when searching for sports betting sites in India. Here are the parameters that are critical for us. Take your time and read each paragraph because you can avoid many pitfalls while choosing the most reliable website.

The Credibility of Betting Websites

And here is the most important aspect that we call the "set of factors" and analyze in the first place. We are looking for user testimonials, reviews, and any information you can trust on this site. So this is usually a good start for finding India best betting sites on the internet.

Sports Variations

There is nothing better than a website with hundreds of online betting positions. That's why we always look at the list of sports variations. What if you love horse racing in India and know all the champions from the last ten years? Surely you would like to generate a sports forecast based on your experience. That is why we are looking for websites with the smallest base of sports variations.

Payment Methods

There is nothing worse than a website with 1-2 payment methods! We constantly analyze deposit and withdrawal methods before recommending any website to you. That is why we are proud of the trusted betting sites in India on our list. A large number of transactional methods allows users to be flexible when it comes to sports predictions and financial aspects.

Is There a Live Betting Option?

What does your bookmaker offers, and what options can you use? As a rule, Live Betting is an option that is needed by experienced users who can analyze each match and change predictions in real-time. Therefore, we always consider this option and inform everyone about extra features.

Bonus Offers

Imagine that you have only a small amount to make a sports prediction. However, you probably want to legally increase your bet size to increase your potential winnings. That is why we always analyze all betting sites with bonus offers and recommend only the best companies.

Is the Platform Legal?

Who owns the betting site, and is there a license in the site footer? Which betting providers and regulators are responsible for the online software? Is the website allowed to operate in India? All these questions are fundamental to us, and we try to find answers at lightning speed. That is why we have a clear search algorithm for licenses and certificates to provide you with the list of legal betting sites in India in a few clicks.

The Best Legal Betting Sites in India

Surely you are interested in accessing the most trusted betting sites in India. That is why you should not rush and choose the first site found on Google. Instead, please focus on the list we have compiled for you. Here are Indian sports betting sites that are worth your attention.

How to Start Betting in India?

Surely you understand how many online betting offers are available for beginners. But where to start your betting activity, and what nuances are most important? Here is a list of actions that are critical to you. Try to carefully analyze every nuance to avoid wasting time arguing with support agents and other activities.

1. Find a Reliable Website and Register

Surely you understand how important it is to choose a company you can trust. That is why you should look at the list of websites we mentioned earlier. Choose the company with the best rating and create your account. Add all personal information and agree to the registration terms. Now you can move on to the next step.

2. Verify Your Account

Some websites allow new users to bet without verification, but you must go through this procedure, especially if you withdraw large amounts. Typically, you will need to send a digital copy of your driver's license ID or another document. In addition, get ready to verify your phone number or email.

Be prepared that this procedure can take 15 minutes to a week, depending on your chosen website. The fact is that each betting platform has a different number of employees. Also, as a rule, all verification applications are analyzed manually, making it impossible to quickly switch to direct rates. So be patient and wait until your application is approved.

3. Top Up Your Deposit

Surely you are looking for Indian betting sites to earn money and get bright emotions. So you should replenish the deposit by choosing one of the available transaction methods. As soon as the money becomes active, you can make sports predictions. But do not forget that you can also take advantage of bonuses or promotional gifts. However, get ready that bonuses can be credited to an additional account. You must complete all wagering requirements before your winnings are credited to the main deposit.

4. Select the Type of Sports Prediction and Place a Bet

Now you should decide what kind of sport and bet you need. This step will not be difficult since most people rely on the most popular competitions or tournaments. As a rule, you will not need more than 5-10 minutes to make the first bet.

5. Withdraw Money and Continue Your Activities

What if you guessed the results of the matches and were able to win? Many low deposit betting sites in India allow you to withdraw money even after the first bet, so you can choose the amount you want to receive. After that, however, you can continue to bet and increase your deposit.

By the way, you should pay attention to all active bonuses that may limit your transactions. For example, some wagering requirements are quite strict, so you should know the limits and the nuances of deactivating locks in advance.

How to Avoid Scammers

The main problem for many people is the lack of user experience. A bright site with advertising slogans and promises to become a millionaire in an hour is nothing more than a scam platform for the total deception of users. Pay attention to the conditions of rates, withdrawal of funds, and other parameters. Many online betting sites in Indian rupees indicate that they can change the rules at their discretion without prior notice to users. Also, you should pay attention to testimonials and reviews before spending money.

Sometimes you can even personally verify the honesty of a website. For example, try asking tricky questions to support agents. As a rule, these guys do not like to answer questions about certificates of licenses, names of owners, or legal guarantees for users. But if the site you choose contains all this information, you have nothing to worry about.

Blacklisted Betting Platforms

Not all online Indian betting sites are worth your attention. Moreover, some companies will bring you nothing but frustration and waste of money. That is why some platforms should not be trusted, so they got to our blocklist.

The Most Popular Sports for Betting in India

Surely you understand that it is worth making bets only if you like some sport or know the likely winner. So here are the most popular sports you can use as your betting springboard.


Cricket is the perfect start for any Indian. Surely you watch matches online, know all the champions, and are ready to predict the outcome of certain matches. In addition, many websites publish analytical articles so you can build your betting list.


This sport is a good choice as the world loves watching tournaments, championships, and national teams. You can count on high odds and a large bet range by choosing the best football betting sites. And you can also make sports predictions on the number of goals a football player will score. Please note that many websites offer bonuses if the player chooses football as the main sport for betting.


Tennis is a mega-popular game that can bring you a good win. Despite the unpredictability of some tournaments, you can make clear predictions in most cases. In any case, basic parameters like winners, scores, and sets will not be a problem for you. Learn the basic rules and stick to a strategy to achieve a positive result. Usually, people pay attention to the Grand Slam tournaments or sports competitions held in Australia and the UK. However, you can pay attention to local competitions between your teams.

Horse Racing

It is unlikely that you will argue with the fact that online horse race betting in India is something of a national idea. People love to predict the victory of riders and their horses, certain time intervals, and other events, so don't waste your time. You can become part of the betting community, given that the odds can be high.

What Bonuses Can I Get To Start Betting?

Surely you are looking for betting sites with low deposit options so as not to spend much money. But what if you can take advantage of bonuses and increase your chances of winning? Surely you will be glad of the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and earn more on bets that do not cause you any doubts. So here are the key types of bonuses you can look forward to.

Welcome Bonus

And here is one of the most common types of bonuses you should consider. As a rule, companies offer a certain amount for registration, the first deposit, or some actions for beginners. Websites are interested in using their services and are ready for a good promotion to win your attention.

Deposit Bonuses

Let's say you have chosen some online betting sites in India and are ready to start the real action. By replenishing your deposit, you can count on a bonus. For example, many companies are ready to give you + 10% -100% of the initial deposit. In other words, you can fund your account with $100 and get 100 extra betting points. Some companies give such gifts without any additional conditions. However, most betting platforms have certain wagering requirements that you will need to comply with. That is why you should carefully read all the conditions before you activate any extra option.

No Deposit Bonuses

Many people love no deposit bonuses as they allow you to become part of the betting community without spending real money. Let's say you want to be able to make a sports prediction and want to know the conditions. In general, you will have to perform some action, such as registering, following social media, or completing a survey.

Usually, the best betting sites in India do not offer money but so-called credits or scores that you can use for betting. If Fortune smiles on you, you can convert your bonuses into fiat money. But do not forget that such a bonus will not allow you to use thousands of dollars. You can likely count on small amounts to start your betting activities.

Risk-Free Bets

As a rule, some online betting sites in India give risk-free bets for beginners or those who have deposited a certain amount. Such bets mean you can make a sports prediction without fear of the results because you will not lose money. You would receive your money as usual if you guessed the winner. But if you lose, your money will be returned to your deposit. As a rule, sites set a certain amount as a bet limit (regardless of how much money you have).


Sometimes it is not easy for beginners to start betting online in India. That is why they can count on cashback. You only need to meet certain conditions to receive 2 to 20% from each unsuccessful bet. As a rule, the refund amount depends on your status and the volume of transactions you make weekly.

In general, you should not take cashback as a panacea and a way to save your deposit in case of incorrect bets. Instead, think of that money as a consolation prize and an opportunity to rethink your strategic mistakes. Surely you can use cashback as a springboard for further bets.

Legal Status of Sports Betting in India

Don't forget that India still uses the ancient Public Gaming Act, ratified in 1867. So, each state can decide on its own to grant legal status for sports betting. For example, sports predictions are unlikely to be a problem if you live in Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. At the same time, some states have a clear ban on online betting. Also, you should be aware of the so-called "neutral" regions like Tamil Nadu, which are gray areas. The fact is that betting, like gambling, is not prohibited there. At the same time, you are unlikely to find any acts or other documents legalizing sports predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make bets in Indian rupees?

    Yes! Most Indian betting sites allow you to use rupees as your primary transaction method for making a deposit. At the same time, you should carefully study the list of currencies available on your chosen site.

  • Do betting platforms accept cryptocurrencies?

    If you have a crypto wallet, you can find some sites that accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or other digital coins. But be careful because not all sites allow you to withdraw money to crypto wallets.

  • What payment method should I choose?

    Pay attention to the transactional method that is most convenient for you. Also, you should know in advance what limits or commissions you should expect if you decide to make several transactions.

  • Can I make bets using mobile apps?

    You can easily place bets if you use the Android or iOS apps. Pay attention to the footer of the site you have chosen. Surely you will find a link to download the application there.

  • How to withdraw money from betting platforms?

    As a rule, websites offer bank cards, online wallets, or even crypto transactions to withdraw money. Select the type of transfer you need and the amount to be withdrawn from your deposit. Most transactions are completed within a few hours or days.