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India is the cradle of board games that have become popular worldwide. Moreover, some gambling entertainment has been relevant for thousands of years. For example, the real money Ludo game was invented around 3300 BC in India. But, have you ever imagined that such an ancient game would be popular in our time all over the world? Let's look at modern gamblers' key rules and features to better understand the so-called Ludo game phenomenon.

What Is Online Ludo?

The Ludo classic game and online variation share the same principle you can easily remember. So let's start with the basics: this board game has much in common with backgammon. At the same time, Ludo is derived from the ancient Indian game Pachisi. Now let's talk about the differences between board and online versions. The fact is that all manipulations with the playing field, tokens, and dice take place in digital format in real-time. In other words, all the rules remain the same. But you and your opponents are on opposite sides of the screens.

Ludo Variations

First, you should know that hundreds of Ludo-like games are similar in terms of rules, gambling processes, or board type. The number of players can vary from one to ten, so you should know this in advance. Here are the most popular games you should know about. 


Ludo Dice Game

This game is relevant in the territory of modern India and far beyond its borders. As a rule, up to eight users can connect to a session simultaneously, use tokens, and throw dies for each move. The online board is no different from the classic version, and all actions are sequential. You can play in pairs with anyone against everyone, building your strategy for moving across the playing field. Anyway, each player must wait for the opponent's turn to complete.



And here is one of the oldest Indian cross and circle board games that served as a prototype for Ludo rules. Pachisi is designed for 2-4 players as a board shaped like a symmetrical cross. All players must move through the sectors to get the largest score. One of the distinguishing features is the division of players into two teams. Also, each group aims to finish first. Legends say that initially, this game was designed for two, but four players added enough dynamics so that the gambling session lasted no more than 30-40 minutes.



Uckers has a lot in common with Ludo as the game is designed for 2-4 players and is based on the same principles. Your goal is to get four pieces around the board before the opposition. The whole point of this game is to get all player pieces home before the opponent does. Aside from some differences in terms of board type, the general rules aim for the same result. As in the case of previous gambling variations, you can play alone or in a team with a partner to defeat your opponents. By the way, this Ludo real cash variation is very popular in Europe but practically unknown in India.



Fia is another game very similar to Pachisi and is also designed for 2-4 players. Players roll one die each turn and move clockwise around the board. The first person to save all their four pawns wins. As you can see, Fia is similar to Ludo games, although it has some differences in the playing field.

How to Play Online Ludo Game and Earn Money?

This question is relevant for most modern gamblers. So you should not worry about the rules because they are similar to the classic board game. But you will want to choose the best online Ludo game and earn money, so you should prepare in advance. Choose a reliable website, find the money for your first deposit and learn all the rules. You should also read at least one Ludo review to understand what online principles are important for gamblers. All actions on the online board will be identical to the classic gambling variations, so you are unlikely to feel the difference. But you will need a strategy and reliable sites that you can trust.

Discover the Best Websites to Play Real Money Ludo Game

Let's say you learned that the Ludo 5 player game variation could bring you a lot of money. But how to start playing and earn money? You need to know that your chosen website won't disappoint you. Here is a list of the best casinos to start an online Ludo game and earn money. Carefully study all the sites, and you will surely find the best option that meets all your criteria. Pay attention to gambling variations and the opportunities that await you immediately after creating an account. As a rule, modern online casinos have many beneficial advantages for beginners.

Ludo Rules

This game was originally intended for 2-4 players. At the same time, you can choose 6 player Ludo board or even more. In general, up to eight players can play this game simultaneously. Each gambler has four tokens in one of the large corner areas of the board in the player's color). Your goal is to transfer all tokens to your home column. By rolling the dice at the start of the game, players determine who moves first. By the way, you can only move the tokens clockwise.

Only one token can be on one square at a time. At the same time, you can "step over" other tokens. But if your turn ends and you hit another player's game piece, you automatically return it to its original position. For all your tokens to move home, you need to score a certain number of points when rolling dice. As a rule, you can play Ludo online by the above rules.

Ludo Board Layout

Not all beginners understand how to play online Ludo, given that all actions occur in real time. But the gameplay is quite straightforward, given that you must rely on the classic rules. Moreover, the Ludo board is very simple, and you don't have to learn any nuances before starting the gameplay. Take a look at the image, and you will understand what the essence of the gameplay is.

As you can see, you have a clear route, which depends on how many points you get after rolling the game dice. If you Capture an opponent's token by landing on the same space, you automatically drop this to the initial stage. You should know that two or more tokens are an insurmountable barrier for your opponents.

By the way, the number of points after rolling the dice can be excessive, so get ready to start your journey from the beginning if you get four points instead of two. The fact is that the Ludo dice game is unpredictable and based on random number generation. You can hardly guess how many points you can use on your next move.

Ludo Tips and Tricks

Like any other board game, Ludo hides many secrets and effective strategies. However, you should know the key tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd and make money. Look at the top ways to win, and you will surely improve your gambling strategy.

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Open All Of Your Tokens

And here is one of the most effective online Ludo strategies you can use regularly. What if you roll a six and are forced to make your move? Open all of your tokens instead of waiting until one of them reaches the home triangle. Such a trick is comparable to a full-scale army attack along the entire line of resistance. You will achieve the desired result faster if you move all the tokens and do not act one by one.

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Never Race A Single Token Only

Such a strategy will allow you to place all your tokens evenly across the playing field and increase the chances of success. In addition, you will be able to block or capture other opponents' tokens, giving you an advantage and the opportunity to win the game. Try to choose your tokens' optimal pace and frequency of movement so that your opponents cannot adapt to your style. Overall, this is one of the most effective online Ludo betting tips.

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Capture the Opponent's Tokens

Do not forget that your goal is not a consistent movement in the hope that the enemy will not prevent you from reaching the home triangle but total dominance. So you should use the capturing strategy by sending the opponents' tokens to their original play-yard. The more your tokens will be involved in the field, the higher your chances of breaking the strategy of other players and getting the Ludo real money advantages.

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Keep Your Tokens At A Safe Place

Many beginners think that only the play-yard is a safe place, so there is no point in any organized movement of tokens on the playing surface. At the same time, you can break your opponents' plans if you act outside the box. For example, some of your tokens have almost reached the home triangle. Therefore, switch your attention to other game elements and move them closer to the finish line. Such a strategy will allow you to increase your chances of winning because the chance that your tokens will be knocked down near the home triangle is quite low. In addition, you can stack multiple game elements and create a barrier for your opponents. Try to maneuver, and you will surely gain an advantage. In any case, this approach is ideal for Ludo in India.

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Find the Best Ludo Betting App for Indian Players

Surely you once thought about turning your smartphone into a gambling machine. In addition, you can easily download a good Ludo betting app if you spend at least ten minutes. The fact is that mobile gambling is very common in India, so it will not be difficult for you to download the application and register. Such applications duplicate the functionality of desktop websites, so you are unlikely to be disappointed. Moreover, you can use Ludo Paytm cash transactions or other ways to replenish your deposit.

Claim Hot Bonuses to Start Playing Real Cash Ludo

There is nothing better than bonuses for those who have just become part of the gambling community. Surely you will be happy if you can use more opportunities to win. That is why you should use the Ludo sign up bonus and get an additional advantage. As a rule, you can count on deposit and no deposit bonuses after creating an account. And do not forget that many casinos have a lot of pleasant promotions for you.

How about loyalty bonuses and the possibility of getting more money for using one website? Choose a reliable casino, and you will receive small amounts or so-called credits for the number of gambling sessions. You can also easily activate referral bonuses and similar Ludo real cash options if you have many like-minded friends. Give them links, and they will bring you passive bonuses every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Ludo live?

    Sure, you need to choose a casino that will allow you to connect to a real-time gambling session and make a deposit. But, as a rule, most Ludo websites provide live rooms for gamblers, so you don't have to worry about anything.

  • Where can I get a Ludo sign up bonus?

    Look for similar bonuses at casinos and partner websites. As a rule, websites give special codes or automatically activate Ludo real money rewards. In any case, you should read the terms and conditions carefully when creating an account.

  • Can I play an online Ludo dice game for free?

    Some websites offer newcomers bonuses for free matches or an online demo account. However, this type of game is interesting only for those who are not confident in their skills and want to practice before replenishing the deposit.

  • Can I play Ludo using Paytm cash?

    You can use Paytm as your primary transaction method at many Indian casinos. All you need is a verified account and the required amount to start gambling activities. But, first, go to the "Depositing" section of your chosen site and find out if Paytm is in the list of transaction methods.

  • Is it legal to play Ludo for real money in India?

    First, you should know that the Public Gaming Act of 1867 is still relevant and has nothing to do with Ludo as a game of chance (especially if you play online). At the same time, individual states like Maharashtra or Karnataka prohibit gambling activities in any form, including table games. That is why you should pay attention to what state you live in. However, in most regions of India, there is no strict ban on Ludo or its variations.