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Cricket is one of the popular sports around the world. This game is a guiding star and a cause for unity in India, the UK, Australia, and other countries. By the way, the Ashes cricket tournaments are top sports events that make the hearts of cricket fans beat faster. But what are these tournaments, and what makes them unique? Let's start with the key details.

What is Ashes Series?

First, you should know that the Ashes is a cricket series played between England and Australia. These tournaments have been held since 1877 and are like a confrontation between two national teams. However, many people from other countries watch the Ashes series live and don't miss a match. It is because they like the excitement and dynamics of the game.

How many matches are in the Ashes series? It is a five-match test cricket series organized every two years. In some ways, this sporting event has become a rethinking of cricket and the world hegemony of Britain as the ancestor of this sport. Now you know the tournament's significance, and you are unlikely to ask, "What is the Ashes series?" But let's go back and look at how this sporting event was born. 

A Brief History of Ashes Series

Initially, the Ashes tournament was a test tournament and did not pretend to be an annual competition. British and Australian teams first met in 1877 to determine who was the stronger side. By the way, this competition did not have a trophy or any reward for a long time. But how many Ashes series played? There have been 72 Ashes series. It is worth noting that the UK and Australia have relative parity in tournaments won. Initially, the fans of the team from Foggy Albion did not even think that someone could beat the founders of cricket, but the Ashes total wins speak for themselves: Australia won two more trophies!

Why Was the Ashes Series Called Ashes?

Since the tournament was founded as a test, no one even thought about how to call such a cricket confrontation. But the curiosity is that the British did not expect the Australians to play so skillfully. So why is the Ashes series called Ashes? The legend began when newspapers appeared with words like, "Britain must bring the ashes of cricket home!" From that moment on, the tournament received a local meme associated with the fact that the British burned with shame, and now they needed an urn to return the ashes home. So at the same time, the tournament began to be called "The Ashes." Moreover, the first trophy in the form of an urn was awarded to the winning team only in 1921.

Champions of the Ashes Series Year-By-Year

Surely you want to ask, "Who won most Ashes series?" Australia has won 34 trophies, England has won 32, and six series have been drawn. So, as you can see, the founders of cricket got a worthy opponent who did not even think about stopping. By the way, the last 5 Ashes series results are worth your attention.

Series/Tournament Season Winner Margin
The Ashes (England in Australia) 2021/22 Australia 4-0 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England) 2019 England 2-2 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia) 2017/18 Australia 4-0 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England) 2015 England 2-3 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia) 2013/14 Australia 5-0 (5)

As you can see, both sides have relative parity, although Australia has more trophies. A fun fact is that the winner of each series changed every two years. But let's move on to other details.

Where to Bet on the Ashes Series?

Look for the Most Trusted Websites

It's no secret that the Ashes tournament betting process is associated with euphoria and the desire to make money. But you should not lose your head and choose any website with a flashy interface. Instead, look for companies that have a positive reputation. For example, we always analyze websites and make lists you can trust. At the same time, you should pay attention to testimonials and reviews on the Internet. As a rule, reliable companies have a positive reputation, so you can trust them and enjoy the Ashes series in India.

Pick the Company With the Best Bonus Offers

We carefully analyze each website and share information regarding bonus offers. That is why you should pay attention to the companies that provide the best conditions for betting. Then Ashes series score and tournament results will be the most profitable for you. But don't forget to check the predictions as they are also important for beginners who want to bet more efficiently and win.

Look for the Best Odds

Odds are what interests all beginners. The more profitable the bet on certain events, the more you can earn. That's why your first Ashes series should start with a detailed analysis of all the websites you choose based on odds and how profitable they are for you. Then, take your time and make an informed decision.

How Do We Review Ashes Betting Sites?

Surely you would like to know how we analyze sites and what criteria are the most important for us. Well, we respect the Ashes Series history and want you to be able to trust the websites, so here is a list of key criteria. And we analyze each company before announcing the final verdict.

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Many Indians watch Ashes series bets online and want to be able to use as many bonuses as possible. We analyze sites and compare this parameter, welcome gifts, and cashback. Any kind of promotion is important so that we will inform you about even the smallest details.

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Feedback From Gamblers

What if you're looking for the next Ashes series dates but aren't sure which company to trust? In this case, you need feedback from gamblers. We analyze reviews and opinions of people who have used any website. By analyzing thousands of opinions, we get an average parameter that allows us to understand how many people recommend a particular website. This parameter is not final, but it shows how many people will make a bet again.

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Availability of Live Betting

For sure, you will analyze all competitions and current Ashes champions to develop your strategy. But what if the game starts and you decide to change your betting goals? In such a case, the company should have a fallback for you. Therefore, we are looking for websites with live betting options so that you can choose new parameters and criteria for counter bets.

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Support Quality

What if you run into any difficulties, bugs, or limitations? Surely you want to contact support agents and solve your problem. There is no shame even in basic questions like, "How many matches in the Ashes series?" We always analyze how accurately and quickly support agents respond to user questions. And we also pay attention to the tone of voice and the general competence of website representatives.

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Withdrawal Time

What if you were able to place the correct bet, and now your deposit has doubled? Surely you want to activate the withdrawal procedure as soon as possible. But not all websites are ready to give you this option. Therefore, we test the betting platform and analyze the average transaction completion time so you can know how quickly the money will be in your account. By the way, we also pay attention to verification details and possible difficulties associated with the analysis of personal data.

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Imagine that you are watching the Ashes series 2022 or later tournaments. Surely you want to bet as quickly as possible and not waste time on technical aspects. That is why we analyze website interfaces and test usability. Moreover, we have a large list of technical and visual criteria, so you don't have to worry. All sites that we recommend are user-friendly.

The Best Ashes Series Betting Platforms

Choosing a reliable website is a key issue for most people. Who can you trust, and who won't let you down halfway? The Ashes series results do not matter if the site you chose turned out to be a fake. That is why we have compiled a list of companies you can trust.

How to Choose the Best Ashes Betting Platform?

And here is the most important point that will determine the success of your betting activities. The fact is that a reliable platform is a basis that is critical for beginners. But how to choose the right website so as not to regret the time spent? Here are key ideas to help you get through your journey faster.

Check Out Our List

This advice is the most obvious. But, at the same time, it will be strange to ignore the work that we have done. So, check out our list, and you will be able to understand which companies are the most reliable. We always analyze sites according to our strict criteria, so you don't risk anything.

Check Certificates and Registration Details

Did you like some sites, and will you make the first bet? Then how about finding the "About Us" page? As a rule, reliable companies will not hide information about licenses, certificates, office addresses, and other details. But you should also pay attention to some other aspects. For example, in which country is the company you will choose registered? Does this country fall under international legal norms, and can you count on justice in case of force majeure? Pay attention to such nuances in the first place.

Learn All About the Stories of Other Users

Let's say you have compiled a list of legit companies. Now it's time to determine how the company adheres to the declared values. Find as many testimonials and stories about how brand representatives dealt with problems. Surely you would not want to know that the site you have chosen blocks transactions or bans people.

Contact Support Agents

There is nothing easier than talking to support agents. Start with trivial questions like, "How many years are between the Ashes series? Do you register users from India? Can I claim a welcome bonus? Then, pay attention to how quickly support agents respond to you. As a rule, honest companies do not try to force you to place bets immediately after registration. However, if the support agents were rude or failed to answer simple questions, you should continue your search.

Ashes Betting Tips


Money Management Matters

Although the Ashes is a tournament that is not very difficult for sports predictions, you should not bet spontaneously. Try to divide your deposit into equal parts, and don't spend tons of money trying to offset several losses. Try not to spend more than 10% of your deposit per day. If your predictions are wrong, take a break until the next day and change your strategy.


Use Simple Bets

What are "Simple Bets," and why are they so important? Suppose you are a beginner and do not see the difference between the basic terms, then you need to bet on any team's victory, draw or defeat. You can also select options such as match betting, top bowler, bowler match bets, innings runs, or tied matches. In any case, it will be easier for you to deal with such bets and start winning.


Use Welcome Bonuses Wisely

Some welcome bonuses are not as simple as they seem at first glance. Don't forget about wagering options that can get you in a lot of trouble. For example, you will have to meet certain conditions to unlock the withdrawal of funds or to bet with a fixed amount. That is why you should carefully read each item before agreeing to all the terms. Compare at least a few offers on different sites before making a final decision.


Don't Use Martingale Betting System!

One of the biggest problems for beginners is the constant search for "top betting strategy" and ways to trick the website administration. Do not try to use the Martingale betting system or other dubious schemes, as you will destroy your deposit in no time. On the other hand, such a strategy is beneficial to everyone except you, so think about an alternative betting style. Perhaps you need to divide the deposit into equal parts and try to earn from the number of accurate sports predictions.

Schedule of the Ashes Series 2023 

As you can see, you have many opportunities to earn. But first of all, you should check the Ashes series schedule to be aware of all upcoming sporting events. Surely you want to join those who will place bets in time, so look at our table.

Date Venue

Legal Status of Ashes Series Betting in India

Most Indian states do not ban betting outright, as the Ashes Series is a legal sports tournament. But you should pay attention to the fact that any form of betting is illegal in Telangana. In addition, in Uttar Pradesh, you are unlikely to be able to visit a bookmaker and place a bet. At the same time, Maharashtra is in the so-called gray area, so you should proceed at your own risk.

In general, the situation with betting is rather ambiguous. Only a few states have adopted clear laws prohibiting betting, while other regions do not regulate this process. That is why you should first pay attention to the region in which you are located and only then look for laws that affect sports betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best Ashes Series betting site?

    Surely you are waiting for a direct answer to this question. We recommend you check out our list as we have collected the most reliable websites worth your attention. Take your time and compare all the advantages and nuances.

  • Where can I get Ashes Series free tips?

    Check out our tips, and you will surely be able to place your first bet. We have collected basic tips that will suit all beginners. You can also track the results of all tournaments and use them as a springboard for sports predictions.

  • What Is an Ashes Series session?

    This is a cricket match, the duration of which depends on the teams' performance, weather conditions, and many other factors. However, as a rule, such sessions take place within five days.

  • Is it safe to bet on Ashes Series games?

    Cricket is an official sport, so almost every betting site can give you access to sports predictions. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you choose a reliable website and stick to the basic principles of money management.