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India is a country where people love sports and everything related to physical activity. Most modern sports games have become mega-popular in this country. But the old traditions are what Indians value the most. For example, Kabaddi is something like a national treasure. But what is this sport, and what is its uniqueness? Get ready to learn more about this interesting sport.

What is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a famous team sport and the oldest game in Asia, which includes a set of wrestling and tag elements. This type of sports entertainment is very popular among people of all ages in India and most neighboring countries. In addition, betting on Kabaddi is something of international entertainment. But what is the reason for such long-playing popularity of this game? First, let's focus on the key rules.

How Kabaddi Is Played

It is a contact team sport which is interesting for its spectacularity and unpredictability. First, let's focus on how many Kabaddi players are in a team. Two teams of seven athletes each try to win by removing all opposing team members from the game. Matches are played on a square field divided into two parts. Each team turns to send one player (raider) to the opposite side of the field. The task of such an athlete is to touch as many opponents as possible. In addition, you should know 2 rules of Kabaddi that have been unchanged for centuries.

  • Athletes may act as wrestlers, but hitting or other physical damage is prohibited.
  • Each raider must continuously say the game's name or an alternate chant.

When Kabaddi starts, each team has two halves of 20 minutes. During this time, athletes must remove all opponents from the game. In other words, you need to touch as many players as possible without getting caught. Depending on the region or championship, some nuances may differ. However, the basic rules have remained unchanged for many centuries.

A Brief History of Kabaddi

One of the key secrets of this game is that no one knows where the 1st Kabaddi match was played. Historians know where Kabaddi originated as this game was very popular during the Vedic period. Many nations also had alternative names like Gudu, Hu-Tu-Tu, Ched-Gudu, or even Ha-do-do. Kabaddi belongs to everyone, but which country is its motherland? Ancient India was believed to be where the basic rules were invented. At the same time, Bangladesh and Thailand have significantly contributed to this game's development over the past century.

Kabaddi was a regional game for many centuries, and only in 1985 did the first international match occur. The Pro League was organized in India in 2014, so all matches are broadcast on national television. Moreover, this sport has become part of international sports competitions. The so-called World Championship is held regularly, and many countries fight for the champion title. But why is Kabaddi not in the Olympics? The main reason is the legal aspects and IOC rules based on the sport's popularity around the world, the rules of the game, and other procedures. In other words, it doesn't matter how Kabaddi is played; the IOC does not recognize it as an international sport due to the large list of criteria that have not yet been met.

Champions of Kabaddi World Cup, Year by Year

Surely India's dominance in this sport is obvious to everyone, if only because you already know where Kabaddi started. Here is a list of five champions in recent years.

Winner Year Score
Pakistan 2020 43-41
India 2016 62-20
India 2014 45-42
India 2013 48-39
India 2012 59-22

As you can see, it was only in 2020 that Pakistan managed to make a splash and become a champion. All previous championships were predetermined from the very beginning.

How to Start Betting on Kabaddi Online

Once you learn all the rules and nuances associated with this sport, you will surely want to capitalize on your knowledge. Here are the key steps you should take to achieve the desired result.

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Choose a Safe Betting Website

First of all, you need to find reliable Kabaddi betting sites where you will get the opportunity to implement your knowledge and earn money. Check the sites we trust to avoid mistakes. Surely you will be happy to start the betting process without any fears.

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Create an Account

Now it's time to create an account. You will have to fill out a short online form and provide personal information. You can even download the Kabaddi online betting app to organize the registration process on your smartphone or tablet.

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Go Through the Verification Process

Surely your key goal is the Kabaddi live betting process, but some sites require verification. That is why you will have to use your phone number, email, and even ID for the support agents to verify you.

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Make Your First Deposit

Now you need to choose the type of currency and replenish your deposit. Select the transaction trip and the amount you want to use. Generally, most websites support instant transactions. However, sometimes you will have to wait a couple of hours or even days, especially if you decide to use a bank card.

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Choose the Strategy That Suits You Best

Now it's time to choose a strategy that will allow you to earn money. Look at the key schemes for beginners or look up Kabaddi betting predictions online. Quite a few sites or YouTube channels analyze teams and athletes to determine their success during the game.

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Select the Bet Type

Surely you understand that Pro Kabaddi betting in 2022 is impossible without understanding the type of bets. That is why you must understand what result you expect. Here are the key types of bets you can use online. - Overall match winner; - number of points scored; - total score. And don't forget about the so-called proposition bets, because you can use them during the match to take sides and earn money. But be careful because Fortune is a capricious creature that can turn aside at any moment.

How Do We Review Kabaddi Betting Sites?



Every beginner wants to benefit by choosing a website. That is why welcome bonuses, cashback, and other rewards are extremely important. We monitor all such offers and recommend you only the most profitable websites.


Feedback From Gamblers

We analyze every Kabaddi betting site but don't forget about user reviews. As a rule, we analyze all the largest review aggregators to understand what emotions each website evokes in those who love betting. This approach allows us to take into account all points of view.


Availability of Live Betting

Live or in-play betting is very important since many people can change their strategy after a game has started. That is why our ranking consists of websites that allow users to fully manage their rates and deposits, depending on the chosen tactical path.


Customer Support Quality

As a rule, the Kabaddi online betting process is associated with force majeure, which is difficult to predict. Imagine that you have problems already at the registration stage or cannot withdraw money. You probably want to contact support agents. That is why we are testing how quickly the company can deal with problems or advise us as new customers. The speed of responses and the competence of support agents is extremely important for us because we want you to be able to get help quickly if you need it.


Withdrawal Speed

Usually, most beginners start having problems when it comes to withdrawals. All companies declare fast transactions, but not every website is ready to ensure that all procedures are followed. We carefully analyze the ways of conducting transactions and their speed before recommending any company.


Comfortable Interface

Regardless of experience and competence, users want access to a convenient and logically structured interface. You would unlikely like to spend several hours just understanding the betting procedure and how to switch between screens. That is why we always consider the interface and usability before recommending any website.

The Best Kabaddi Betting Websites

What should a beginner do who has already learned all the basic Kabaddi betting rules but does not yet know which company to choose? We have anticipated this question and selected the best websites you can trust.

How to Choose the Best Kabaddi Betting Platform?

First, you should rely on those websites on our list because we have spent a lot of time finding the best options for you. At the same time, you should consider some aspects that do not always seem obvious. Here is a list that you should keep.

  • License and certification. Your chosen company must be legal in your region and have an official license.
  • Date of registration. Be careful not to trust websites that are less than a year old. You might even want to use domain checkers to identify these sites faster.
  • Reviews and expert opinion. Don't choose websites randomly: read as many reviews as possible before creating an account.
  • Odds. Don't forget to check Kabaddi betting odds, as this is one of the most important parameters. Surely you want to get the maximum profit thanks to your forecast.
  • Transparency of transactions. Trust only those websites that offer a clear and fair withdrawn procedure.

As you can see, there is nothing critical in choosing a platform you can trust. Stick to these instructions and pay attention to suspicious aspects before spending money.

Kabaddi Betting Tips

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Money Management Matters

There is no shame that you are a beginner and just starting your journey in the world of betting. Your first goal is money management: determine the amount you are willing to leave on your deposit. The second stage is the determination of the limit amount of each bet. Determine how much money you are willing to spend on a sports forecast, regardless of the results. Try not to exceed the limits and take breaks, especially if you are tired.

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Learn to Control Your Emotions

Emotions are the enemy of anyone who wants to bet, as spontaneous actions can destroy your deposit. Try to remain calm even if several of your predictions are wrong. Repeated chaotic bets will not bring you the proper result. And do not try to recover lost money using the Martingale method or other dubious tricks, as their effectiveness is very low.

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Know All About Statistics and Tables

If you want to bet and win, you need to know everything about statistics and tables. Consider total raids, fouls, number of successful tackles, and other parameters that can be used to create a sports prediction. Perhaps you should create a table with the most important parameters before deciding to make money on any match.

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Use Bonuses Wisely

Surely you will use bonuses as this is a direct way to boost the deposit in the first stage. But one of the most important Kabaddi betting tips is to approach this step wisely and not make mistakes. For example, you should find out in advance which wager is set by the company so as not to worry about temporarily blocking withdrawals. Also, do not forget the additional conditions for activating the bonus and the sanctions that will follow if you do something wrong.

Best Kabaddi Players

It would be strange to describe one of the most extraordinary games of our time without mentioning the talented athletes who have made a significant contribution to the modern sports industry. Here are the three best Kabaddi players that are worth your attention.

Pardeep Narwal

And here is one of the youngest sports legends, whose name is chanted by millions of fans in India and other countries. Pardeep Narwal is known for Dubki, a unique skill that has helped him win many matches. This guy has won several world championships and was one of the South Asian Games winners in 2019. In addition, he is the PKL record holder who scored more than 1000 raid points.

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat

Pawan is an all-time best raider, thanks to dozens of records and titles. In addition, this guy scored 346 raids points per season, which is an outstanding achievement. Despite a slow start to his career, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat became a PKL star and impressed the global community at the South Asian Games in 2019. Thanks to his unconventional and adaptive tactics, the Indian team was able to win gold medals.

Rahul Chaudhari

Rahul is another bright star who has helped the Telugu Titans compete against the best teams in the league. This guy scored 151 points per season and 1014 points in the Pro League. In addition, this guy helped India win the world title in 2016, which was the starting point of his popularity. By the way, he can raid in both the corners and moves very quickly, so opponents do not always have time to react to his tactical actions.

Is It Legal to Bet on Kabaddi in India?

At the moment, there is no federal law prohibiting online betting. Even though some states have introduced restrictions on bets and the general procedure for organizing bookmakers, you can make sports predictions and earn money from your knowledge. At the same time, there is no 100% guarantee that politicians in some regions will not decide to make changes and restrict betting anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best Kabaddi betting site?

    It is impossible to choose just one site that would be the ideal solution for all users since all online platforms are different from each other. At the same time, you can pay attention to the websites mentioned above as they are the best choice for any beginner.

  • Where can I get Kabaddi match free tips?

    Check out all the key tips we mentioned earlier. Surely you can improve your betting strategy and achieve outstanding results. We have collected the most effective tips, so you do not waste your time in vain.

  • What is a Kabaddi session?

    According to the rules, each match consists of two periods (sessions) that last 20 minutes. If you want to bet on women's teams, you should know that the sessions will only last 15 minutes.

  • Is it safe to bet on Kabaddi games?

    You don't have to worry about security, especially if you choose a reliable website. As a rule, all licensed companies provide safe conditions for making deposits and withdrawing money.