Find the Best Casino to Play Live Baccarat in India



Lucky Niki Casino

rating 5
Withdrawal time Up to 7 days
Payment 97.11%
Games 2000+
Bonus 100% up to ₹1 lakh + 250 FS

22bet Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time up to 7 days
Payment 96.25%
Games 6000+
Bonus 100% up to €300

Jackpot Guru Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time 0-7 days
Payment 97.87%
Games 1000+
Bonus 100% up to ₹100,000 + 20 FS

GGbet Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time Instant to 30 days
Payment 110.85% RTP
Games 100+
Bonus 100% up to $1000 + 175 FS

Jeetplay Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time 0-3 days
Payment 96.85%
Games over 1400
Bonus 100% up to ₹70,000

Parimatch Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time Up to 5 days
Payment 98%
Games 2000+
Bonus 150% up to ₹1,05,000

20bet Casino

rating 4
Withdrawal time up to 7 days
Payment 96.58%
Games 4000+
Bonus 100% UP TO 120€ + 120 FS

For many decades, baccarat has been one of the main entertainments in Indian casinos. Gamblers love this card game due to its simple rules and exciting gambling process. Moreover, you can find a good online casino live baccarat for real money, which is a key advantage. But first, let's look at this game and why people love it.

What Is Live Baccarat?

Live Baccarat is a card game played at casinos. It is a comparing card game played between the "players" and the "banker." Each baccarat round has three possible outcomes: "player," "banker," and "tie." By choosing a good live baccarat online casino, you can enjoy this game one-on-one with the dealer or play against opponents for the right to get good money. It is worth noting that live dealer baccarat has become popular precisely because of the ability to operate with large amounts and not leaving home.

Live Baccarat Rules

Now you know this game involves one or more players and a dealer. By the way, the live baccarat game is not much different from the offline version regarding rules. You need to collect 9 points or slightly less to win the game. That is why all gamblers, including the dealer, are dealt two cards. Here are the key cards and their significance for the winning combination:

  • 10, jack, queen, and king - 0 points;
  • ace - 1 point;
  • from 2 to 9 - calculation by their denomination.

After the cards have been dealt with, each Baccarat player compares the card values. The next step is to place bets or receive a third card. If the sum of two cards is less than six points - the third card is dealt. As you can see, live baccarat online is a simple gambling entertainment, and you will hardly have to spend much time understanding the basic rules. All you need is 9 points or so to take all the money. But it is a game of chance, so get ready for bright emotions and euphoria after the victory.

How to Play Live Baccarat in India?

Surely you are looking forward to enjoying this great game so let's not waste time. Here are the key steps you need to take to reach your goal. Follow the instructions, and you can apply most gambling strategies to win.

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Choose a Good Website and Create an Account

To play live baccarat in India, you must find a reliable website. We have created a list of casinos you can trust, so don't worry. First, select a website and create an account. This step is required for you to be able to connect to game lobbies.

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Verify Your Account

This action is necessary to gain access to the game for real money and free withdrawal of winnings. As a rule, you will have to send digital copies of some documents so that support managers can identify you. Do not be afraid of such actions because the casinos participate in the fraud prevention program, which means that all players must be real.

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Create a Deposit and Choose a Good Gambling Strategy

To join online tables, you need money, so create your deposit and choose a good strategy. Even though baccarat is a game of chance, you can choose a money management strategy or a set of rules that will give you a chance to play disciplined and not give in to emotions. In any case, you will feel the difference, so do not neglect this advice.

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Test Different Tables to Choose the Best Ones

When all gambling activities take place online, even an insignificant factor matters. That is why you should connect to the tables and see how professional the dealer is. In addition, pay attention to the game variation because even a slight change in the standard rules matters. What if your strategy is not designed for quick bets or other nuances? Be careful and do not take hasty actions.

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Withdraw Winnings and Enjoy

Baccarat will bring positive emotions if you strictly follow all the rules. For example, let's say you were able to win and want to enjoy the money by buying something special. In this case, you should select the type of transactions for withdrawing funds and confirm your action. Then, voila! Your winnings will bring you many positive moments.

Where to Find the Best Casino to Play Live Baccarat?

Surely you are looking for live no commission baccarat and are not ready to compromise. That is why you should take a look at this list. We have collected for you the best casinos that are worth your attention. So check out this list, and you will surely find something interesting. 

Alternative Variations of Live Baccarat

Live No Commission Baccarat

Commission-free live baccarat game does not differ much from the classic version, except for some bets; besides, the chances of gamblers winning are slightly higher than the dealers. Otherwise, you have eight decks and classic strategies to win.

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Speed Baccarat Live

Many Indian gamblers love to play speed baccarat live as it is an opportunity to win money faster, especially if your strategy works. This game version only differs because you have no more than 20 seconds to bet. This game format is interesting because you and your opponents do not have time to think. That is why winning such rounds is so valuable.

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Live Squeeze Baccarat

And here is the most interesting gambling variation you should test in your free time. The gambler with the biggest bet on the player and the banker has the right to squeeze the cards or nominate someone else to open the cards. You will surely appreciate the opportunity to dominate other opponents and earn money using live dealer baccarat online casino.

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Pros and Cons of Live Baccarat Over the Standard Version

Now let's focus on the advantages and disadvantages of such a game. The fact is that baccarat is ideal for online gambling. At the same time, you must be aware of all sides of the coin, so don't waste your time.


  • Baccarat is very easy to learn;
  • You can play baccarat online live;
  • It has a very low casino edge.


  • It is hard to find a good live baccarat site;
  • Not all bonuses are available if you play this game.

Play Live Baccarat for Cryptocurrencies

At the moment, Indian gamblers are more likely to join cryptocurrency live baccarat streams, as they prefer to use digital coins to play with opponents. The fact is that such a trend has become real thanks to the popularization of digital currencies. By the way, Bitcoin live baccarat is a leader among technically advanced gamblers and an opportunity to win coins online. Surely you also want to try your luck and win a BTC bankroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play live baccarat in Hindi?

    Yes, you can play this game live on many gambling websites. Choose any reliable casino and enjoy the game. At the same time, you should pay attention to the HIN abbreviation, as it indicates that the broadcast is in Hindi.

  • Is it legal to play live baccarat in India?

    Legally, gambling is prohibited in land-based casinos. In addition, some states have an outright ban on playing baccarat. At the same time, most regions in India do not have live baccarat bans, so you can legally play the game.

  • Can I play live baccarat using mobile devices?

    Yes, you can use your smartphone or tablet for gambling activities. The fact is that many casinos have mobile versions or Android or iOS applications, so you will surely feel comfortable playing with opponents.